• Cleansing, increasing andupdating address files
  • Customer satisfactionresearches
  • Surveys

A well maintained and up-to-date address file is the basis for theoriented conduction of marketingcampaigns. Maintaining an address file yourself costs a lot of time and energy, and often does not have first priority.

Call-IT is specialised and optimally organised to take care of these time-consuming activities for you, so you can focus entirely on your core business. Apart from the fact that we keep your contact data up-to-date, we can enlarge them with additional data, such as emailaddresses and names of the contacts

Customer satisfactionresearch

Customer satisfaction is measurable.
To what extent is your customer satisfied with your product or service?
Does your product offer the desired solution that your customer is looking for?
Does the service you offer meet with the expectations?

If you ask your customers for their opinion, they will feel more connected to your product and company. Furthermore you collect important customer and market information that you canuse for gaining new customers.Call-IT can do such research on your behalf and inview of reports youcan adjust and refine your sales and marketing plans and increase your results.


Telephone surveys are an effective medium to collect information on consumerperception and consumer experience of your company or product. Together with you, Call-IT draws up the questions so we collect the information that is important to you. The list of questions is drawn up in such a way that they canbe easily processed for you for reports and evaluations.

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