Customer monitoring

Call-IT knows better than anyone that acquiring new customers is very important. But especially in this time retaining customers is just as important. Besides all the traditional performance indicators such as AHT, service levels, abandonment rate, the quality and the occupation, there is often little emphasis for measuring the customer experience. How loyal are your customers? What is the expectation of your customers? What do they think of your business? And, how satisfied are your customers right now?. The results of the measurement of the customer's experience can be used to identify improvements to increase customer loyalty.

The Call-IT Monitor measures realtime the customer experience of all contacts at the different channels. The online dashboard measures, the net promoter score (NPS), competence of the employee, the complete satisfaction and repeat traffic. Statistics show directly the results of the required performance indicators. This measurement is based on proven management models, such as COPC and ECCS.

The advantages:

  • Direct control on customer experience
  • Increase loyalty
  • Realtime
  • Input for training and coaching
  • Input for improvement processes / products / services
  • Various divisions are possible: on location, departments, teams, brands, products, channel.
  • Specific dashboard applications, for example, project or campaign specific
  • Understanding the performance outsourcing partners
  • Call-IT provides support and expertise in making analyzes

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