Call-IT is specialised in knowledge-intensive services, in which the personal factor is crucial. Because of the communicative skills and knowledge with respect to content, obtained by (customer) specific training, we guarantee high-quality customer contact and shape long-lasting knowledge-intensive services on behalf of and for our partners.

Our employees are supported by optimal facilities and a state-of-the-art technical infrastructure, for example in the field of real-time monitoring, (self-help) knowledge management and predictive dialling. With this combination of people and means, we interpret our motto: "We’re one of you!"

Call-IT aims to directly satisfy as many customers as possible, namely by empathising with the company issues of the customer. By understanding what it is about in your market, we can then make the communicative translation to your target group. In fact, we have become a continuation of your organisation with that. In our view, we start from the fact that our people are your business card and for this reason we really value the ‘human factor’.

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