Mission and Vision Call-IT


The successfully implementing, exploiting and optimizing of knowledge-intensive customer contact activities. This means that Call-IT International takes over parts of or full customer processes from the perspective of the customer contact for the clients. As part of Koramic2Engage, we strive for a company culture where people are the most important factor. The distinguishing capacity of our organisations is the striving for the right person in the right place and the continuous improvement of the quality processes which are compulsory for our customers.


More and more companies see the growing importance of effective contact with prospects and customers. Companies realise that this customer contact is getting ever more complex and happens through ever more means of contact such as telephone, email, chat, web service and internet, 7 days per week and 24 hours per day. That is why Call-IT wants to stand out with an integral approach that has to lead to a considerable return improvement/increase for clients and for itself. Call-IT is convinced that employees are mainly responsible for the complex customer interactions. That is why Call-IT aims to create the ideal environment where people are central and can develop 100 %. Call-IT also fulfils, next to its commercial role, a social role where all employees, irrespective of their origin, sex, religion, age and/or physical condition, are treated in the same way. Next to the human component, Call-IT reinforces itself with the latest technologies. These have to allow the employees to develop further and have to offer our customers the necessary transparency.