Business Principles

The philosophy and culture of Call-IT are defined in our Business Principles.

Business Principle = commitment to Result

We focus on results.

With our day-to-day focus on our clients, we think in terms of opportunities and possibilities. Our basic principle is that there is always room for improvement in both the process and the end result of our actions. It is the only way in which we can continue to meet our clients’ expectations.

The service is always our top priority with the needs of our clients being the primary consideration. Pro-activity, responsibility and drive therefore play an important part in our employees’ development, allowing us to create a winning mentality and foster dedication and focus in our work. To us these are important ingredients for achieving results and success. Results and success in turn lead to pride, satisfaction and pleasure in work. That’s what we believe in.

Business Principle = Passion

We are passionate about business

We are enterprising, hard-working professionals who are passionate about what we do. Passion is the energy which propels us..

Passion is an important trait in our business, where competition is fierce and expectations for each individual’s performance are high. Passion is not a skill or trick. It comes from within and stems from doing something you are good at, when you set yourself goals to achieve, when you believe in something and are willing to give it your all. This is the essence of the Call-IT culture.

People who are passionate put forward their ideas and proposals with conviction and enthusiasm. When faced with opposition they are able to back up their arguments, resulting in successful client relationships in the business arena.

Passion inspires

Business Principle = Involvement

As part of Koramic2Engasge we feel involved we believe in a multi-brand approach which allows us to offer specific solutions to the various needs of our clients through a limited number of strong brands.

As well as this ‘diversity’, unity is very important to us. This is expressed in the mutual involvement between employees of the various labels.

Mutual involvement with one another and with our clients fosters cooperation, which in turn allows for the best possible use of the knowledge and expertise of others. This irrevocably results in mutual understanding and better performance. Our clients are the direct beneficiaries of this result.

Business Principle = Professionalism

We are professionals

We aim for professionalism towards both internal and external clients. This is expressed in the excellent and personal way in which we provide our services, with an eye to detail. Professionals, that is what we are.

Providing personalised services has been in our blood since our company was established in 1986. We cherish this ‘DNA,’ coupling our history and traditions to innovations and new ideas

This means that customer focus and focus on quality are the major drivers within Call-IT.

Service is Key!

Business Principle = Progress

We aim for progress

We believe that things can always be done better, more effectively or more efficiently. We therefore aim for a corporate culture of innovative and creative behaviour. A culture of mutual learning, sharing and coaching. A culture of dialogue, experimentation and continuous improvement.

Call-IT as an organisation is constantly looking for the best way to serve its clients, identifying opportunities to innovate and devising possible new products or services.

We encourage curiosity for new ideas and possibilities. They all have the drive to beat the competition by constantly improving their own services..

We want to be the best!